Societal relationships[edit] Accordingly, in countries such as Nigeria, PLHIV are less likely to disclose their HIV status, due to the repercussion of exclusion of their community. Paul Farmer argues that social determinants affecting the lives of certain cultural groups alter their risk of infections and their ability to access treatment. Now, unless we find a way to infuse subliminal HIV messaging into the speakers of every H&M in the country, casual conversation amongst peers is the next best method of effective education. PLHIV when shut off from their community can feel isolated, lonely, afraid, lack of motivation, and identity crisis. [16] For example, access to prophylaxis, access to antiretroviral therapy, and susceptibility to illness and malnutrition are all factors which change people s overall risk of illness due to HIV/AIDS. PLHIV experienced isolation and lack of psycho-social and emotional support. Current research has found that discrimination against people living with HIV is a contributing factor for delayed initiation of HIV treatment.

Use of the term is often ridiculed, immediately placing judgment on the HIV-positive person who speaks about his undetectable status. For the sake of conversation, let s liken a person whose viral load is undetectable to a person who is HIV-negative. A 2015 research study by the University of Malaya found that in Nigerian populations, Educating the population with factual information on HIV/AIDS is needed to reduce stigma and discrimination towards PLHIV in the community. Children and other family members tend to deny the truth and are raised with the belief that HIV and/or AIDS does not exist and they fear to be bewitched than being infected by the virus. For those who are still unsure, an HIV-positive person can achieve undetectable levels after undergoing antiretroviral therapy (ART). We monitor each and every profile for you and have the utmost dedication to quality, hassle-free service. With many gay men still unclear about what being undetectable truly constitutes, how do we get to a place where we can discuss what it means and doesn t mean without all of us looking dirty in the end.

In response PLHIV have developed self-depreciating mindsets and coping skills to deal with the social repercussions versus accepting of their current status and seeking help. Worse, a person will assert their HIV-negative status even if it s been months, or even years, since their last HIV test. Fear and vulnerability included fear of punishment from God, fear of being discovered as HIV/ AIDS-positive and fear of the future and death..
. It was found through survey that if there is no behavioral change towards HIV/AIDS than no change to fight the epidemic will occur. [15] PLHIV choose to not tell their HIV status to others, they tend to seek help from the health care professionals and programs and have considerable trust towards outside support. ..


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